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What is Amplephone?

At Amplephone we offer home telephone service over your internet connection (VoIP). However, unlike some internet based telephone providers, Amplephone works with your regular telephone handset and allows you to place local and long distance calls, or connect your fax machine, just like you would with a regular landline.

How does Amplephone service work?

Once you sign up through our secure website we will mail you a telephone adaptor. Simply connect the adaptor and you are ready to make calls. As you make calls the automated system will draw down on your account balance. You can view your usage online at any time. Before your balance reaches zero, just add more funds to your account - we will send you email reminders once your account falls below a $10 balance.

Is Amplephone right for me?

To be eligible for the service, you must have a high speed internet connection, a regular home phone (corded or wireless), and a credit card. Amplephone has proven to be a perfect solution for people who enjoy the convenience of a home phone but tend not use it that much - you pay for only what you use! Service is available in most areas of North America - just sign up to see if you're eligible.

How can Amplephone offer phone service at such low rates?

Technology allows access to inexpensive high quality phone service. Amplephone strives to simplify the VoIP experience, from activation to support - with access to self-serve support 24 hours a day from our secure website - and email support too, just in case. Amplephone customers benefit from our low overhead costs:
- We do not have big corporate offices or pay huge executive salaries.
- We do not need field technicians to build and maintain our network.
- We do not incur the costs of sending bills, and to correct the mistakes on those bills.
- We do not have to inflate prices with 'calling plans' or to cover other customers' bad debt.

What features does Amplephone offer?

Your Amplephone service comes standard with Call Display, Voicemail, 3-Way Conferencing, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call Hold, Call Transfer, Voicemail to Email, a free second line, and Enhanced 911. You may also choose a telephone number from another area code, and your Amplephone adaptor can easily be moved to a new address at any time.

I am not very technical, how do I set up Amplephone?

Amplephone is very simple to set up:
- Plug one end of the provided Ethernet cord into your modem or router, and the other into your Amplephone adaptor
- Plug the telephone wire into the Amplephone adaptor and into your landline telephone (corded or wireless)
- Plug in the provided power cord, wait a minute or two and you can make or receive calls!

Can I keep my existing home telephone number with Amplephone?

While new telephone numbers are available, in most cases, Amplephone can work with your existing telephone provider to move your number to our service for a one-time fee of $30 - Accounts must be in good standing, and other conditions apply.

What kind of hardware is used?

We have researched hardware to find the right balance between cost, quality, and simplicity. Amplephone exclusively uses the Cisco SPA 112 ATA to provide VoIP service, which is under warranty for one year from the date of sign up or purchase.


What is the cost of activating the service?

The standard startup cost is $99.99 which includes the hardware (adaptor and wires), hardware configuration, account set-up, activation, a $10 credit in the customer account, shipping, and Ontario sales tax.

What is the total monthly cost of the service?

The standard monthly cost for your telephone number, network access (dial tone), e911 and all your included features is $7.99 per month. As part of our money back guarantee, the first monthly charge will be applied 45 days from the date of order.

What are the usage costs?

With Amplephone, you have some of the North America's lowest rates:
- 0.01 cent per minute to any telephone number in Canada and the Unites States
- 0.99 cent calls for 411
- Free calls to or from any Amplephone customer
- Free calls to or from 1-800 numbers
- View our international rates
Calls are billed in six second increments.

How do I view my bill?

You will not get a bill - All usage is available online on the Amplephone website through your personal call detail reports - updated every 60 seconds.

What payment types are accepted?

You can sign up and add funds to your account through PayPal with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum you can deposit at one time is $10.


In what languages does Amplephone offer support?

Amplephone can offer support in English only at this time.

What do I do if I experience technical difficulties with my Amplephone service?

While technical difficulties are rare, self-serve troubleshooting steps are available to members when they access their account. Further support may be found by contacting Amplephone by email.

What if my Amplephone adaptor stops working?

Your Amplephone adaptor is warrantied for one year from the date of purchase. If Amplephone cannot resolve an issue we will ship you a new adaptor and you will return the old adaptor at Amplephone's expense. If the warranty has expired, a new adaptor may be purchased for $74.99 including configuration, shipping and handling.

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