About Us


  • At Amplephone we took the complexity out of Voice over IP telephone service to offer the telephone quality and features you expect, at a substantially lower price Ė you donít need to be a technology wiz to save a ton of money on your home phone.
  • Keeping the product simple, Amplephone offers a single price plan and is the perfect solution for the customer who enjoys the convenience of a home phone, but tends not to use it that much Ė you only pay for what you use!
  • Headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, L8W 2N5, Amplephone has steadily grown itís subscriber base since launching in 2012.


  • To provide access to feature-rich, home phone service at a reasonable price.


  • Providing customers with access to fully featured home telephone service.
  • Maintaining low costs through simple yet effective self service.
  • Remaining accountable for the product and to all customers.
  • Acting with integrity and consistency in all business transactions.

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